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Psychic Readings by Cara, It is best to text for an appointment. Business hours- Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat , Sunday 11:00 To 4:00 by Appointment.

Blue Moon Psychics - offering Psychic Readings by phone or in person. Cara is often booked so text the 760-681-9258 to set up your reading. Blue Moon Psychics has been in business for over 10 years, we are now located in Oceanside, CA. Formerly we have been in Encinitas Leucadia on 101 Hwy and then Carlsbad, and now Oceanside. Cara has been a professional Tarot Card Reader for 35 years Working in Shops and on the top Psychic phone lines. To set up your Appointment just Text 760-681-9258 or Call -760-453-2928.


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About Cara

Cara has been aware of her psychic gifts from a very young age and has spent the majority of her life studying and  honing her skills as a psychic clairvoyant tarot card reader, medium, and Astrologer.

Cara has had a long professional career of over 30 years and has worked for many of the best psychic phone lines like, P.R.N, California Psychics, Kenny Kingston, as well as working in a few New Age Book Stores like, New Light, In Cardiff, and the Mystical dragon, in Carlsbad California. Cara has a long time client list and they are drawn to her ability to deliver accuracy, down to earth practical information and her ability to predict the timing of events with her psychic clairvoyant Skills.

Definition of Psychic terms


The ability to obtain information from sources that have no scientifically proven basis, such as intuition, spirit or the supernatural.

Tarot Card Reading:

Centuries old deck of cards designed for psychic purposes. A tool to help interpret past, present, and future events, they act as a trigger for psychic insights.


A psychic who can gather psychic information through the Visual sense.


Reviews from Clients

Blue Moon Psychics - offering Psychic Readings By Phone Or In Person. Appointment only. Cara is often booked so text the 760-681-9258 to set up your reading. Blue Moon Psychics Has Been In Business


Cara 32 Year's As A Professional Psychic Reader. for More Information about Cara click here.

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