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Definition Of Psychic Terms


The ability to obtain information from sources that have no scientifically proven basis, such as intuition, spirit or the supernatural.

Tarot Card Reading:

Centuries old deck of cards designed for psychic purposes. A tool to help interpret past, present, and future events, they act as a trigger for psychic insights.


A psychic who can gather psychic information through the Visual sense.


A person through whom the deceased can communicate with the


A person who picks up psychically your feelings and is very empathetic to your issues.

Pet Psychic:

A psychic who is skilled at communicating with animals with the psychic senses.


A psychic who gathers information through the hearing sense.

Psychic adviser:

A person who does psychic readings for others who are seeking spiritual advise.


The gathering of information through the sense of feeling.


The ability to predict the future or find objects by information gathered through psychic abilities. Many different tools can be used to aid in divination.

Fortune teller:

A psychic or person who can see into the future to coming events in the life's of others.

Manifest reality:

Everything that can be touched or seen or heard and a belief that we can manifest our own reality.

Mental Telepathy:

Nonverbal communication through the mind.


The knowledge of something that may happen in the future.


An altered state of consciousness in which the unconscious mind is open to suggestion and loses its ability to make critical decisions.

Third eye:

The center of the forehead, which may feel tight and swollen by strong emotions and through which many believe the universal mind is contacted.


A conduit for something to pass through. A psychic channel is a person who has another spirit or entity communicate through them.

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